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Gluten Labeling
The FDA is developing a new standard for "Gluten Free" labeling under the Food Allergy and Consumer Labeling Protection Act (FALCPA) but presently there is no standardization.  Gluten can frequently be hidden in vinegar, spices or “other” items in the label.  If there is not “gluten free” on the product label, it may be best to go to the manufacturer’s web site or contact them by email.
Our Deli
While we offer gluten free products and are careful to make them in carefully cleaned containers, we make products in our Deli that contain gluten.  If you are very sensitive, you should avoid our Deli products completely.

Our Gluten Free Products Lists 

These products are labeled as gluten free or we have communication from the manufacturer that they are gluten free even though not labeled.

Grocery Products

Frozen Products

Ideas for Gluten Free Baking